Herwig Konings

Founding Partner

Practically conceived in startup culture, Herwig has been working for Venture Capital-backed since the age of 14 in NYC. After joining The Launch Pad, (career center for entrepreneurs at the University of Miami) Herwig has been teaching lean startup methodology to hundreds of student & alumni entrepreneurs. For his efforts, Herwig won the Miami Technology Leader of the Year award in 2015 and was featured as one of Forbes’ 15 Brightest College Entrepreneurs. After graduating with a BBA in Management & Entrepreneurship, Herwig launched InvestReady, turning the company into the industry leader for investor verification featuring clients such as Mercedes-Benz, Securitize, Vertalo, LendingHome and many others. Herwig is also a board member and the former managing director of the Miami Venture Capital Association, where he helped new fund managers and existing institutional investors with deal flow, resources, contacts, and best practices for launching and managing VC funds.